In 2008, the German insurance company, Allianz, bought the wind farm Schönwalde from Global Wind Power, which as part of the agreement is responsible for the technical and financial project administration of the 11 wind turbines at the farm.

The technical project administration in Denmark is chiefly responsible for the operation of the wind turbines following commissioning. This work is carried out by skilled personnel and through a professional approach to our ProPartners. The technical administration includes WTG monitoring as well as infrastructure maintenance and the maintenance and administration of service and insurance agreements. It also includes technical analysis in order to obtain an optimised operation, and a high level of information to the customer (Allianz).

Financial administration includes the approval and control of vouchers received, follow-up on legal agreements, payment of invoices, settling VAT, monthly reporting, year-end closing, budgeting, contact with the German authorities and holding investor meetings. The Schönwalde wind farm in the German state of Brandenburg was commissioned in December 2007 and consists of 11 Vestas V90 2 MW wind turbines.

"My role in Allianz is to effectively manage our investment assets, ensuring the optimisation of returns. To do this effectively, I rely on third-party operational managers. I am convinced that the technical and commercial management services provided by Global Wind Power ensure that Schönwalde's assets are managed correctly. They are responsive, effective and provide accurate information. The communication process, which I find so essential, is good."

John Matthew

Vice-president for Asset Management
Allianz Specialised Investments Limited

Windpark: Schönwalde
Total MW: 22
Country: Germany
Region: Brandenburg
Type: Vestas V90
Commissioned: 2007