Interview with Roland Flossmann,

Ansprechpartner, Grünwerke, Stadtwerke Düsseldorf

What are the Grünwerke's ambitions regarding renewable energy?

"Grünwerke is the "green" daughter company  of Stadtwerke Düsseldorf, a local utility with approximately 2600 employees. We focus on renewables such as wind and solar power and work exclusively on that important agenda. Since 1997, we have worked strategically to reduce our CO2 emissions in line with the overall goals stated in the Kyoto Protocol as well as ambitious national and regional targets. We follow our own ambitious 2020 energy plan where the expansion of renewable energy represents a cornerstone. In essence, we strive to deliver attractive energy products to our consumers who are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. This fact along with our strong ecological tradition continue to inspire us to find still greener and smarter ways of generating electricity."

How then would you characterise yourselves?

"I see it part of the DNA of Stadtwerke Düsseldorf to think and act green and follow  basic ecological principles. Therefore, we have prioritised many different types of renewable energy such as biomass and are now increasingly looking to expand our wind-based and solar-based proportion of renewable energy."

Why did you choose to work with Global Wind Power?

"Global Wind Power developed our wind park, Dittelsdorf, and now carries out all Technical and Commercial Management. Dittelsdorf consists of three 2 MW V90 Vestas turbines. This 6 MW wind park represents an important milestone for the entire Stadtwerke Düsseldorf and our ambitions regarding renewable energy. I consider Global Wind power a very professional wind project developer, able to manage all critical aspects, from the early stages of wind park implementation to the Technical and Commercial Management. In fact, our cooperation with Global Wind Power has proved more valuable than we could imagine. A valuable partner for us is a company who understands our background, future ambitions, work structure and needs. Global Wind Power is a meticulous partner who pays attention to detail, but remains empathetic and at "eye-level" at all times. We hope to do business with Global Wind Power in the future in the quest to expand our percentage of wind-based energy and meet our green energy ambitions."

Windpark: Dittelsdorf
Total MW: 6
Country: Germany
Region: Sachsen
Type: Vestas V90
Commissioned: 2010

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