Development and planning of a wind turbine project from the early ”open land” stage until all the necessary permits and agreements are obtained.

Selection and evaluation of potential wind turbine locations

Early stage development of a wind park is often the most challenging phase. Suitable or proposed areas for development of wind projects are investigated, with the aim of assessing the feasibility of a project. Feasibility studies cover the following areas: wind, grid connection, roads, soil conditions and the environment. This initial phase typically ends with the existence of agreements with the land-owners, a preliminary commitment on final grid connection and the authorities' acknowledgement of the location of the project.

Project design and authorizations

This phase is a continuation of the previous phase, and should be undertaken by Global Wind Power or another skilled project developer. A detailed technical and structural project design is prepared. This includes the studies and calculations required in order for the authorities to continue processing the project. This phase ends when all the required permits for the implementation and operation of the wind turbine project are in place, not least the crucial building permit, making the project ready-to-build.