Global Wind Power's current values were produced as part of an internal joint project in the spring of 2009. The result is four keywords that go hand in hand with our mission. We consider these values to be the ground rules which all employees should strive towards every day in order to work in line with our mission, both internally and externally.

Our four corporate values; empathetic, focused, committed and dynamic impact everything from the way we develop projects to the way we engage with customers or our long list of subcontractors. We believe that a shared set of values among our employees enables us to achieve success in the long term and generate value across our organisation.


We make things happen. We are enterprising, and we always strive for new and better ways of doing things. Our dynamic approach allows us to transform a wind turbine project from concept to reality.


We are committed to finding solutions and taking ownership of both internal and external projects. Commitment gives empathy and focus an extra dimension of professionalism.


We are a target-driven and results-oriented business. We have the skills to do things in the right order and in the right way. We stay focused even in high-pressure situations.


We put our hearts into the projects that we are working on. We build fruitful relationships with customers and suppliers by observing and understanding the interests of our partners. This enables us to build up a partnership based on trust as well as solutions that are seen as successful by all parties.